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Yearly Newsletter

We want you to know how much we appreciate your coming to stay with us over the past thirteen years at Inn at the Park; so many of you have become extended family and this is so important to us. We are thrilled that you enjoy Cape May as much as we do! If you were pleased with your stay at Inn at the Park, please share your experience on and

Our best wishes to you and your family for a year filled with peace, love, HOPE, good health, and laughter. We invite you to "come home" to Inn at the Park; we always enjoy your visit.

In the future, we will be communicating with you via email and this newsletter. If you want to receive emails from us with our specials, please email us at We are sorry you will no longer receive greetings in the mail.

Jay and Mary Ann Gorrick

Special Offer
For Your Next Stay

   To express our appreciation to our past guests, we invite you to return any time and enjoy our Anytime Special (10% discount) This discount applies to minimum season stays of 2 and 3 nights.

Have a friend or family member book a room and they'll enjoy a 5% discount on seasonal minimum stays of 2 and 3 nights.

However, we regret that any discount cannot be transferred or combined with any other better offer.

Cape May Issues

We encourage all of our guests to write to Gov. Christie and members of the NJ Legislature to voice your displeasure with the continued additional, unfair 7% room tax and 7% sales tax levied on B&Bs, hotels & motels, but not on guest houses, apts. or whole house rentals, which are rapidly replacing historic B&Bs here in Cape May.

Inn at the Park Highlights

Wisteria in bloom Cape May NJ garden setting B&B This spring we discovered in our living room gorgeous hardwood floors under our 13 year-old + wall to wall carpeting so we had them refinished. We now have an Oriental area round and runner to match to stairway carpeting. We have gotten Cape May Zoning Board approval to connect Cote Parc to the Champagne Cottage, which will allow us more flexibility with an optional small kitchen along with the existing option we have of three separated rooms. January 6th, we obtained Historic Preservation approval and work should begin shortly.

Family Highlights

Jay and Mary Ann Gorrick InnkeepersOur family, including us, enjoyed a week in August together being tourists in Cape May. The younger members enjoyed kayaking, miniature golf, wave jumping, and the arcade. We all enjoyed dining at the many fine restaurants in addition to enjoying a great deal of local seafood here at Inn at the Park. Jay had two minor strokes since Easter with no known cause, which is frustrating. In addition to running the inn with wonderful weekly Ukrainian help and our daily Turkish helper Effie, Jay was able to combine his cooking with speech and physical therapy all summer; unfortunately he is still unable to chew chops of any kind. I did more cooking for the first time and unfortunately played no tennis, which I hope to resume soon. We had our best June and September in 13 years. We enjoyed Thanksgiving with 14 family members and friends Bob and Linda. We enjoyed Christmas with Maria and Tim's family in Md and 2 weeks in Jan and Feb. in Aruba.

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